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Post by haveanotherpuff »

I cannot get the linux version to work,or start or anything,and I can not find anything of use to me to help, I have open the terminal and inputted some stuff like --help in the same folder as MediaForkCLI I even put in a dvd and tried someone else command : mediaFork -i /media/hda_/VIDEO_TS/ -e x264b30 -b 900 -w 640 -t 1 -o /matrix.mp4 still nothing. Is there something I have to do to wake it up or what,new at cli,but usually putting a help,-help,or --help does something helpful,please assist me,I got the windows version working fine it seems with the gui,but I much prefer linux and am hoping it might even be 30 minutes or so faster...

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Post by jbrjake »

./MediaForkCLI --help

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CLI errors

Post by krn »

The ./ is the crucial part. For programs that aren't in a location that is covered by your path, you have to use the ./ to show that you want to run a file in your current directory.

./mediaFork -i /media/hda_/VIDEO_TS/ -e x264b30 -b 900 -w 640 -t 1 -o /matrix.mp4

Also, you might want to add a '~' to your output file path, so it saves it in your home directory. If you want to save it to your current directory (the same one that the mediaFork program is in), then leave off the slash in front of the file name. The way you have it, it will try to save it in the highest level directory / , which you probably don't have write access to.

Also, if this rip is for an iPod, you may need to specify the bitrate for the audio (maybe you don't have to, I always do). The full command should look something like this:

./mediaFork -i /media/hda_/VIDEO_TS/ -e x264b30 -b 900 -B 160 -w 640 -t 1 -o ~/matrix.mp4

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Post by Magnus »

you can copy or move your mediaFork - binary to /usr/local/bin - than it should be found without "./"

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