Command Line for iPod Conversion

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Command Line for iPod Conversion

Post by dostler »


I'm in the process of converting my movie collection to iPod format. I just thought I would run my process by you guys to see if I am using the best method or are there better settings that I should use. Not that it matters but I'm using cli in Linux. Here is the command I'm using:

mediaFork -i /media/hda_/VIDEO_TS/ -e x264b30 -b 900 -w 640 -t 1 -o /matrix.mp4

One stange thing I noticed is that when I play these back in mplayer I notice that they are playing at 23.993 fps. They seem to play back fine and the audio syncs but my movies are all NTSC which I thought were 29.97 fps. Is this right?

Is my bit rate good for this codec? My files are usually between 700-1000 mb which is fine. One other thing I should mention is that I would also like to play these back on a TV or computer so I want fairly high quality.

Do you have suggestions of other improvements that I can make to my command line for converting movies to ipod?


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Post by rhester »

By default, MediaFork/HandBrake rip all content at NTSC film (23.976) fps. This is often not appropriate, depending on the source content. You will need to examine the content prior to ripping to determine which source to use (how to do this is outside the scope of this forum, please take a look at the mencoder documentation on the website for a very detailed examination).

Your bitrate is quite low - the iPod supports H.264 baseline 3.0 (which is what you are ripping to with x264b30) up to 1500kbps, which is two-thirds more bits than you are allowing for.

When encoding interlaced video, you really have no choice but to deinterlace for playback on an iPod, but the deinterlacer in MF/HB is somewhat lacking in visual quality. There has been quite a bit of discussion on that topic on these forums, search for "deinterlace" for details.


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