HandBrake-daemon, A directory watcher service for Windows and Linux!

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HandBrake-daemon, A directory watcher service for Windows and Linux!

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Hi all. I wasn't really sure where this should go since the subreddit seems to be closed, and this appears to be a support request forum.

Recently I set up a personal media server and wanted to offload transcoding from my desktop, however I was disappointed at the "automated"/scripted versions that currently existed for managing transcodes/queues, as none of them allowed enough control over file names, directory nesting, and organisations for different categories of media. So... I created HandBrake-daemon, written in C#, and compiled for both windows and linux, designed to run as a systemd or windows service.

I figure that I must not be the only person who would be in need of such a service, so I decided to tidy it up and release it publicly on github. So far it has been tested by only a few limited people, so I'm sure there are still plenty of bugs, however I'll actively be resolving these when reported.

I really hope this post does not break rules, I did see one against advertising, but considering how relevant this is to the forum I would like to think this post might be given a pass. Please do create an issue on github if anyone has any troubles or experiences unexpected behaviour from the service.

Thanks, and I hope you lot will find this tool to be useful.
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