Where to save a Custom Preset when using File Export

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Where to save a Custom Preset when using File Export

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Description of problem or question:

Where am I suppose to save(what directory) an exported custom preset using Export to File in HandBrakeGUI so that I can find it when using HandBrakecli.exe. Can I save the file any where or does it have to be some specific directory/folder so that HandbrakeCLI can find it?

In Hanbrakecli.exe , I am using --preset-import-file <filespec> and --preset <string>.

What is the syntax for <filespec>? Is this looking in a specific folder for the .json file or am I suppose to supply a path?

<string> will be the name of the file I saved it under in HandBrakeGUI.

Steps to reproduce the problem (If Applicable):

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Win 10

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