[Script] AutoHandbrake - Interactively detect and rip episodes or main feature

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[Script] AutoHandbrake - Interactively detect and rip episodes or main feature

Post by marxjohnson »

I wrote this script a while ago for my own purposes, and have been using it for a while but never shared it. Now I've decided to share it I've seen this script which appears to do something similar, although I don't think its exactly the same so I'll share mine too in case it's useful to anyone!

This script is designed to provide an interactive wizard for ripping an automatically-detected group of episodes, or the main feature, from a disc. A lot of the options can be specified from the command line, but it's not designed for fully unattended operation, it's just designed to be quicker than navigating all the options available in the Handbrake GUI. It also detects subtitles and allows you to specify a subtitle track to be applied to all titles in a single command (defaulting to forced only, burned in), rather than having to specify them individually.

It's written to run on Linux. It'll probably run on OSX, I'm not sure about Windows but I guess if you specify the input and output paths rather than relying on defaults it should work.

You can get the script and see the details on GitHub.
The script works fine for my needs so I'm not currently planning on making any changes, but any suggestions are welcome (raise an issue on GitHub), as are any patches!

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