A question about the CLI

Discussion of the HandBrake command line interface (CLI)
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A question about the CLI

Post by bhaal »

I just started using the CLI as I wanted to encode something in .mkv. Works beautifully. I've just got one question; what's the difference between the x264 encoder and the x264b13 encoder. I know x264b30 is for ipod from reading the guide but the other one isn't mentioned.

Also something which I didn't get at first is that when specifying the input path you need to put \ instead of a space (or if you're really stumped you can just drag a folder to the terminal window to have it fill in the path for you). That little bit of info would probably really help others who've never used the terminal before. Other than that great guide.

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Post by jbrjake »

b13 is vestigial from the pre-oct-2005 ipods. ignore it.

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