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Reduce time looking for start (perhaps by multiple encodes consecutively)?

Discussion of the cross-platform HandBrake command line interface (CLI)
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Reduce time looking for start (perhaps by multiple encodes consecutively)?

Post by AaronRendahl » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:24 am

I want to split a video file (an MPEG Transport Stream recorded by EyeTV) into several parts, and know the frames I want each part to start and stop at. I know I can do multiple calls to HandBrakeCLI using calls like this
> HandBrakeCLI --input in.mpg --preset 'myPreset' --start-at frame::31850 --stop-at frame:10491 --output out1.mp4
> HandBrakeCLI --input in.mpg --preset 'myPreset' --start-at frame::42341 --stop-at frame:8367 --output out2.mp4

But as I move farther and farther into the input file, it takes longer and longer to find the starting place. Is it possible to have HandBrake export all the parts one right after each other to avoid starting looking at the beginning each time?

Or more generally, as I realize this may be an XY problem (http://xyproblem.info/),
how do I reduce the time Handbrake spends looking for the start of the clip?

Here's the use case: this is for recordings of old VHS home videos, each several hours long, and I'm breaking them into numerous short segments and converting to h264. So 30 to 50 segments is not unusual; so it's not just one or two splits, and it's not just for one or two tapes.

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Re: Reduce time looking for start (perhaps by multiple encodes consecutively)?

Post by mduell » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:02 pm

HB has no ability to use work from a previous job, so endure the seeking or break the source up with something else prior to HB.

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