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by OliverS
Tue Dec 24, 2019 5:29 am
Forum: Windows
Topic: H264 Intel Quick sync video
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Re: H264 Intel Quick sync video

1. I have an i9 7900x processor and when I convert it comes to x264 intel quick sync video, although the processors on socket 2066 do not have integrated graphics. Can anyone explain why that setting appears there? 2. version 1.2.2 3. log files HandBrake 1.2.2 (2019022300) OS: Microsoft Windows NT ...
by OliverS
Mon Dec 23, 2019 6:45 pm
Forum: General Questions
Topic: Audio out of Sync. Can I fix that?
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Re: Audio out of Sync. Can I fix that?

Description of problem or question: converted funnygirl.mkv to mp4 and the audio is out of sync right from the start Steps to reproduce the problem (If Applicable): just try it. HandBrake version (e.g., 1.0.0): 1.2.2 Operating system and version (e.g., Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, Win...
by OliverS
Sun Dec 22, 2019 6:24 pm
Forum: Devices and Presets
Topic: Optimal Encode Settings Blu Ray -> Plex
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Re: Optimal Encode Settings Blu Ray -> Plex

Although I’m a purest and normally go for the highest quality media storage possible (storing about 300 movies via MakeMKV without any re-encoding or recompression). I’m consuming disk space at an alarming rate. I have nearly 1000 movies stored on my 4 Disk QX2 (RAID-5). On some movies that are les...