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by Aldarion
Thu Feb 21, 2008 1:43 am
Forum: Mac
Topic: 0.9.2 *only* compatible with Leopard?
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Re: 0.9.2 *only* compatible with Leopard?

Hi Dev's.... with all the [Censored] going on I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making an amazing product! I just DL 0.9.2 and am looking forward to trying out the new features. I use HandBrake all the time to prepare my movies for my AppleTV. You guys do a great job and it's certainly appreciated....
by Aldarion
Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:44 pm
Forum: Devices and Presets
Topic: AppleTV take 2 is out (hurray!)
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Re: AppleTV take 2 is out (hurray!)

Just wanted to report that I too had no problems with Anamorphic movies.
by Aldarion
Wed Jun 06, 2007 2:40 am
Forum: General Questions
Topic: Why no Quicktime?
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Why no Quicktime?

I've been using handbrake for a while now and never really cared what was "under the hood".

Why doesn't Handbrake use the Quicktime codec?